Michael Benjamin Brown

The Terror and Erebus

interactive web art, 2010

(requires flash)

We encounter a narrative. Forensic teams investigate the wreckage of a plane crash and we put small fragments together to glean information from an imagined/hypothesized history. From some impossible location something (A god? A mathematical formula? A dead person?) observes two events happen simultaneously that had been experienced on earth as chronologically separated by 160 years.

There has been a plane crash. One man is swallowed up into the past. It fills me with awe, but the universe is indifferent to the goings on of man (and everything). There has been chaos; And men wandering, minds undone, around the frozen ocean with books, and boats, and terror. The moon watched and felt nothing, Erebus ferried more across the river Acheron.

I’ve been reading too many books on consciousness. I’ve been reading too many books on theoretical physics. I’m not sure what’s real anymore. If I made it possible to imagine two chronologically distant events happening at the same time could I make the conscious experience of passing time static? Could I pass the information on? “We found the northwest passage!
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